The old saying, “You are what you eat” is as true today as ever. The articles below were written to empower you to have as long and healthy a life as possible. I’ve tried to make the articles interesting and easy to read, but full of detailed (and sometimes technical) information and references so you can dig deeper if you wish. Enjoy!

Please bear in mind that these articles are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or substitute for care from your primary care physician. 

Nutrition and Osteoporosis

Nutrition and Osteoporosis What You Need To Know (and maybe a little more). I am frequently asked, “Do I need to take calcium supplements to keep my bones strong?” The short answer is “probably no”, but I wish to take this opportunity to give a more thorough answer than “yes” or “no”. I believe in empowering you with the knowledge ...
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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease

What You Need to Know to Prevent Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease by David Wells, D.C., L.Ac., M.S. (Nutrition) Four centuries ago the English physician, Thomas Sydenham MD (1624 to1689) said, “A man is as old as his arteries.” That statement is as true today as it was then. Our lives are utterly dependent on the 1,800 gallons of blood pumped ...
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Take Charge of your Waistline

Measuring your waistline is a lot easier and cheaper to do (not to mention less painful) than getting your cholesterol tested, but it reveals much the same information. As a consumer of health care, I’ve always wanted to have simple, do it at home tests and treatments for health conditions. Here is one I want to share with you. As ...
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Take Care of Your Thyroid – Part 1 – Hypothyroidism

Marsha is tired all the time. She wakes up with a dull headache and needs coffee before she can be civil with her husband and kids. Her skin is dry despite practically soaking in lotion. Her hair is getting thinner and more brittle. She has gained a lot of weight and feels cold much of the time, so much so ...
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Take Care of Your Thyroid – Part Two – Hyperthyroidism

So what exactly is hyperthyroidism? Your thyroid gland produces a hormone (thyroxin) that sensitives all your cells to the metabolism stimulating effects of adrenal hormones. You can think of thyroid hormone as your body's metabolic cruise control system. It sets the speed of your metabolism, from how warm you are to how fast your heart beats. While adrenalin comes and ...
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Digestion – What You Need to Know

Digestion – What You Need to Know About 600 million years ago, tube worms evolved and subsequently developed into every animal you can think of from dinosaurs to humans. The “tube” in tube worm is the digestive tract. That should tell us something about how important digestion is to us all. We all have a mouth at one end and ...
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