Dr. David Wells shirtless in an ice cave

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Dr. David Wells shirtless inside a glacier in Iceland, February 2019. Since the dawn of time, humans have struggled to get enough to eat, to rest and to stay warm. Naturally, we continue on this path despite most of us being over-fed, sedentary and completely climate controlled. The point of this article is to show …

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Take Care of Your Thyroid – Part Two – Hyperthyroidism

So what exactly is hyperthyroidism? Your thyroid gland produces a hormone (thyroxin) that sensitives all your cells to the metabolism stimulating effects of adrenal hormones. You can think of thyroid hormone as your body’s metabolic cruise control system. It sets the speed of your metabolism, from how warm you are to how fast your heart …

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Scenic waterfall in Japanese garden

Take Care of Your Thyroid – Part 1 – Hypothyroidism

Marsha is tired all the time. She wakes up with a dull headache and needs coffee before she can be civil with her husband and kids. Her skin is dry despite practically soaking in lotion. Her hair is getting thinner and more brittle. She has gained a lot of weight and feels cold much of …

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